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Every Voice Matters


What is the
RESONANCE Global Challenge? 

In the spirit of collective action and global harmony, the RESONANCE Global Challenge inspires individuals worldwide to come together in public spaces and engage in a humming session, creating a unified soundwave of harmony. This challenge supports the, a global initiative aimed to amplify the collective efforts towards a better world in a uniquely new way that unifies mankind in a pursuit for longlasting peace and wellbeing for alle. Your participation not only raises awareness but also contributes to funding the RESONANCEapp and further global projects aimed to unite mankind for good.

Each participant of the RESONANCEglobalCHALLENGE must nominate three individuals to join the movement. If you are nominated, you have 24 hours to accept and complete the challenge!



  •  Choose a location. This can be any public space, ideally near a recognizable landmark or skyline to enhance the visual impact of your video. You can also choose a private setting instead. 

  • Invite at least one more person – friends or strangers – to participate in the humming session. The more participants, the stronger the message of unity and collective action. 

  • Perform a simple (30-60 seconds), harmonious humming tune that everyone can easily follow. You can use the humming soundtrack available on the Resonance Project.Earth website as a tuning in melody. This will help synchronize the session and promote a unified global effort.

  • Essentials for the event include: a chosen location, participants, and a device to record the session.


  • Take a video of the humming session.

  • Your video should include:

  • Your name (optionally the names of key participants).

  • The name of the person who nominated you.

  • A statement of acceptance (“I accept the RESONANCE Global Challenge”).

  • The names of three people you are nominating.

  • A link to to encourage donations.

  • A mention of the amount you are donating to the Resonance Project.

  • Share your video on social media platforms, tagging those you’ve nominated, and using the hashtags #RESONANCEglobalchallenge 

    to help tracking the spread of the challenge and the mobilization of support.


4.    DONATE

  • Contribute financially to the to directly support efforts towards creating a global movement of synchronized action for the greater good. Whether you participate in the humming session or not, you are encouraged to donate to support the cause.


  • Don’t wait to be nominated! Start the chain by taking the challenge on your own and nominating friends, family, or colleagues. This fosters a global wave of awareness and action and keeps the momentum alive.

How to Participate in the RESONANCE Global Challenge?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to donate if I take the challenge? Donations are encouraged but not mandatory. By participating, you help raise awareness for the SDGs. However, donations significantly support the ongoing projects and the global movement for sustainable development.

  • Do I have to be challenged to participate? No, you can initiate the challenge within your network and encourage others to join. Use the hashtags #RESONANCEglobalchallenge, #RESONANCEprojectearth #UNSDGs2030 to help tracking the spread of the challenge and the mobilization of support.

  • The RESONANCE Global Challenge is a unique blend of community engagement, public action, and charitable giving, all aimed at making a tangible difference in global sustainability efforts. Let’s create a wave of harmony and action that resonates around the world! Your voice counts!



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