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RESONANCE is more than an app. It's a global call to action. With the aim to synchronize and amplify efforts towards the UN SDGs by 2030, RESONANCE offers a unique approach: the power of humming. This universal sound, accessible to all, is our tool for global harmony and positive impact. Join us in a collective hum that resonates with purpose, uniting the world in a quest for sustainable future with peace and wellbeing for all.

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The Power Of Sound

The RESONANCE project utilizes what we all have in common: The pure power of sound. RESONANCE  transcends our disputes and differences, and lets us align in the simplest yet most profound way. 
Humming is the most universal sound humans can make. It unifies mankind beyond language, gender, age, race, religion or worldview.  We are all resonating beings, and RESONANCE empowers you to tap into this extraordinary potential. Through science, technology and human spirit, our intention is to help synchronize and amplify the efforts towards the UN SDGs by 2030 in a uniquely new way that unifies mankind in a pursuit for longlasting peace and wellbeing for all.



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